Questions about the Twenty Destinations Offer

Why aren't all of the cities listed on my certificate still available?

The cities that are available will change from time to time, for various reasons. We will do our best to keep this website updated with the cities that are currently available.

How does this offer work?

You mail in your certificate (or redeem online at this website), and pay the $15 processing fee per city requested. You will receive back a reservation request form for the requested city. This form will be date stamped with the issue date. Be sure to read the reservation form carefully, and completely, and follow all instructions. You will have 30 days from the issue date to return that form back to the travel provider, along with your requested travel dates and your room taxes (currently $29.95 for the 2-night stay, but subject to change). You are required to select two travel dates, the first of which is at least 60 days from the time that the travel provider receives the reservation request form, and the second requested date which is at least 45 days beyond the first date. Forms with only one arrival date on Plan P will not be processed. If you don't know your travel dates when you receive your reservation request form, you should still submit it along with the room taxes to the travel provider within 30 days of the stamped issue date, and you can submit your requested travel dates to the travel provider once you have them. You must use your hotel stay within one year from the stamped issue date. Check-in days with this offer are Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Weekends and holidays are not available on Plan P. Blackout dates for Plan P are 7 days before and 7 days after holidays, as well as conventions, local major events, and peak tourist season. The Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge areas are not available on Plan P from June 1st through August 31st. If you follow all of the terms on the reservation request form, you should receive a preconfirmation letter from the travel provider within 10 to 15 days. You should make a photocopy of the completed reservation request form that you send to the travel provider so that you have their contact information in case you need to follow up with them, or have any additional questions. The offer is for two adults, ages 21 or older. If you would like to add additional adults/children, they allow you do that for $25 per night per additional adult/child (regardless of age). Maximum number of people allowed per room is 4. The travel provider reserves the right to add/delete cities at any time without prior notice. Hotels require that customers using this special offer must live more than 150 miles from their selected destination. Any/all changes/cancellations made to your Plan P reservation, for any reason, is subject to a $30 fee.

How can these offers for hotel accommodations be honored?

All of these offers are provided by room brokers. Room brokers purchase rooms from almost every hotel at a large discount rate. If room brokers advertise these discounted rooms in all the Sunday newspapers, (and many of them do) they have to charge enough to cover those ads. The room broker has to cover this ad cost by charging for the rooms. With these certificates, there are no ad fees. The room brokers can afford to gamble that if you receive a very nice room on this offer for just a fee to cover the room taxes, you will book rooms with them again in the future at prices below the rates charged by the hotels.

Can I order more than one 3 day 2 night reservation request form?

Yes, you may visit more than one city. You may not visit the same city twice using this offer. You may use the offer for different cities, but only one promotional offer may be used per year per family.

How long does it take to receive my reservation request form?

We mail the reservation request forms out within two business days after receiving payment. We mail them out via USPS first class mail.

Can I use 2 certificates back to back for 4 free nights?

No! Anyone caught using two certificates back to back or in the same city twice will be cancelled.

After I pay the $15 registration fee what other costs will I be required to pay?

Just a fee to cover the cost of room taxes which is currently $15.00 per night, when following the terms and conditions, which require you to register your reservation form, book your rooms in advance, and not travel the week before or after a holiday or on weekends.

I sent my reservation request form to the travel provider a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything yet. What should I do?

Please contact the travel provider directly. Be sure to photocopy the reservation request form before you mail it in so you have the travel providers contact information, as well as your reservation request form number (found next to the stamped issue date).

What type of accommodations will I receive on this offer?

Accomodations are in the 2 to 3 star range. In Las Vegas, our most popular destination, we have always provided accommodations at a major hotel casino.

Do I get to pick the hotel?

No! You get to pick the travel dates. We guarantee that your accommodations will be first class. We have never received a complaint about the hotels. Our complaints come from people who demand that we accommodate them next week, or give them free rooms on Holidays or that we should provide the transportation also. If the registration fee, which is refundable if you don't like your accommodations, is too much of a gamble - then you have the choice of booking the rooms for your vacation and paying hotel rates without using our services.

I can only travel a certain date within 60 days. Can I use this offer?

Not for free rooms. Room brokers get a certain rate for booking rooms this week and another rate when booking rooms 60 days in advance. All reservation forms give you an option where you can buy a 12 month personal travel membership for a $147 yearly fee (called Plan T), but not the free offer that people booking 60 days in advance receive.

Are weekends & holiday weeks ever available?

Only by using Plan T (the $147 12 month personal travel membership which is offered on each reservation request form), which offers discounted hotel rates and can be used 365 days a year with no blackout dates.

What does this offer include?

This offer includes the room only. Your travel, meals, incidentals, etc are your own responsibility. If anyone has represented otherwise, please contact them, not us.

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